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A Brief History of Bandkind

The first band that George and I played in together was the 2D Sparklers – formed during our second year in Greenock High School (that would be…..) and probably on Guy Fawkes night! I remember us all getting together at George's house in Nelson Street and writing "I Think I'm Going Out Of My Head" – check out the original hand-written lyric sheet! Archie Petrie played the intro riff on melodica if my memory serves me well.

According to the lyricsheet, John Dunn played a part in the compostion and John McGeogh added his name to the credits as well. Then we were called Violent Sabbath for a while – that was me on guitar and vocals, George on drums and vocals, John McGeoch on lead guitar and Alasdair Cameron on bass (a nifty Hohner Beatle bass). We rehearsed more than we played, though we did a couple of the High School dances – playing "Born To Be Wild", "Sunshine Of Your Love" and other classics of the time and giving our schoolmates a brief respite from the Eightsome Reel and the St. Bernard's waltz.

I recall a summer's day playing in the back-garden of John's house in Fancy Farm, colourful clothes blowing on nearby washing lines as we pushed our tiny amplifiers to the limit. I wish they had video cameras in those days!

At some point, I split and formed a band with Alan Parker on bass and vocals and Ian Keown on drums. At this time, George, John and Alasdair formed the "Slug Band" with Raymond Wallace on vocals. During our school years John moved to London and then to Manchester and went on to play with Magazine, Visage, Siouxsie and the Banshees, PiL and many other well-known projects.

Sadly, he passed away on the 4th of March 2004. He was an influential guitar player of his generation.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McGeoch