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Cover's by Panache

Here are some cover versions from the early days of Panache at the Victorian Carriage in Greenock. The line-up is the one in the main photo - Robert, Alan, Pat, George and Dougie. It was recorded totally live using just two microphones on either side of the stage into my old Revox.

Aint It Strange (1)

"Aint It Strange" - a beautiful ballad written by John Cooper, a friend of ours from Irvine.

Eleanor Rigby (2)

"Eleanor Rigby" is the Beatles tunes taken at a fast pace with a few jazzy chords.

Haitian Divorce (3)

"Haitian Divorce" is the Steely Dan classic. I do my best to do the voicebox thing thing with a wah-wah pedal!

Kerry (4)

"Kerry" is a cool song by Hall and Oates. We added a little bit of "Panache" at the end!

Oh Carol (5)

"Oh Carol" is the old Chuck Berry rock n'roll tune. We sort of covered the Rolling Stones version though it sounds like we just threw it in to gee up the audience! It's worth it just to hear Pat set the juice loose towards the end of the song.

Look For My Light (6)

The actual title of this song by the Movies is "Look For My Light". We used to call it "Sentimental Lady"! I'm not sure where I got this - probably off the radio. I think they were Joan Armatrading's backing band back in the day.

These songs will sound best with a pint of lager in one hand and a packet of crisps in the other. If you were there, we hope they bring back a few happy memories. Please feel free to give us some feedback in our guestbook.